About Us

HOG was created by Harley-Davidson in 1983 to promote family-oriented activities for Harley-Davidson owners. It is the largest motor vehicle factory-run club in the world, with a worldwide membership of over 1,000,000, with over 8,000 in Australia.

There are chapters based in every state with 6 around Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle. The NSW Chapter was formed in 1988 and is based at Fraser Motorcycles in Sydney, and is the second oldest HOG Chapter in Australia.

Every month our chapter has at least one major day run and a chapter meeting. There are also "Ladies of Harley" events for the female members. We have overnight runs every few months and each year you may attend the NSW State Rally. We email a bi-monthly newsletter with informative and humorous articles and details of future events, benefits and services.

Before you can join the NSW chapter of the Harley Owners Group you need to be a member of HOG Australia. You can get all of the information about HOG Australia here. In a nutshell, membership of HOG Australia gets you lots of cool stuff (magazines, patches, pins, etc) and membership of the NSW chapter gets you lots of cool things to do (rides, events, trips, rallies, etc).

Our runs, which average 25-45 bikes, are organised with Road Captains front and rear, and a backup vehicle where necessary. Speeds are kept to the posted limit and members are expected to follow our "Run Rules" regarding riding behaviour. I stress that the club is a family-oriented social club - our events are planned so that you can safely and confidently bring your partner or children.

The cost of this is $40 per year. If you have purchased a new bike recently then you probably received the HOG Australia membership automatically, so you need only pay the local chapter fee. There are no membership requirements apart from owning a Harley-Davidson, and no obligation to attend any events.

Membership is available for partners, or children, of full members. You are welcome to attend a few runs before deciding to take out membership for pilions.  Click here to go to the Membership page.