Our Sponsoring Dealer

In October 2008, Fraser Motorcycles opened the new state-of-the-art Sydney dealership. Housing the prestigious motorcycle brands Ducati and Harley-Davidson, the design of the dealership was inspired by the passion and camaraderie of owning a motorcycle. Motorcycle enthusiasts or not, a visit to the Sydney dealership will show that the same passion, style and care that is taken to create amazing motorcycles was also taken to create an amazing motorcycle dealership.


The metallic exterior sets the tone for the cool, moody interiors, while famous motorcycle journeys, such as the path taken in the movie 'Easy Rider', were laser cut into the metal and backlit at night to provide a theatrical and striking visual street presence. Inside, the dealership is large and open plan with the sheer beauty of the motorcycles being met with an amazing and unique motorcycle dealership.


Rather than being hidden away, the workshop area forms part of the showroom, providing space where bikes are serviced and customised, with a number of features to keep the area clean and functioning well, like space for each mechanic to keep tools and oil that is pumped down to each area from above, helping to keep the area clean. The centrepiece for the workshop is a floor to ceiling glass fronted Dyno room. The Dynomometer is an advanced diagnostic tool allows a motorcycle to be tested at full speed in a safe and controlled environment.


Throughout the entire dealership is the theme of motorcycle cogs and gears which are sandblasted in stone on the office wall and reception desks as well as climbing up the walls to create unique and different wall features. Other motorcycle references are dotted throughout, not only in the main showroom area, but in the motorcycle chain wall cladding in the bathrooms and stairs, through to the graphics picturing bike riders on the windows and the upstairs office areas.

A passion for motorcycles is not necessary to appreciate the glamour, atmosphere and detail of this unique dealership.


FRASER Motorcycles strive to offer you the best in rider accessories and we have an extensive range of product to suit your needs, check out the Accessories section of the Fraser's website to see what Sydney carries in terms of rider equipment.