H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

HOG Ride NMR Sugar Salt Café & part 5 of Sergio's Sturgis experience

New Members Ride! The HOGS frequently organise rides for their members and your participation is always at your discretion.

Time is approaching for our 10 am departure and so the Lead Road Captain for today gives his address regarding route, destination, and safety protocol. It’s a good turn out with over 40 members and 4 visitors (non-members).

Our complementary story this time is part 5 of my Sturgis experience. Because there is so much to talk about and because I want you to know about Sturgis, I will continue with it. Technically, the annual South Dakota gathering of motorcycles and motorcycle culture is known as the “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally”, but just one word will do, Sturgis! That’s really all you need to say! This world famous Motorcycle Rally is something just about every HOG member has on their bucket list. The rally for 2017 was from August 4 – 13.

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