NMR Tractor 828

New Members RIde Saturday 7th July 2018

As with all New Member Rides, we meet at the premises of our sponsoring Harley-Davidson dealer, Frasers, at Parramatta Road, Concord. Our destination today is the Tractor 828 Café situated at 828 Sackville Road, Ebenezer, 75km from our start point.

We had several new members turn out for this NMR Ride! like Lawrence with his girlfriend Kristal beside their 2015 Ultra Glide,Rakesh with his first Harley, a Street 500 model, as well as several visiting members from the Blacktown Chapter, in what ended up being a great ride.

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We eventually make it to the Hawkesbury River at Sackville where we will need to cross by car ferry. Here we await the ferry for a few minutes to cross from the other side.

– Well it’s a brilliant day for mid-winter with temperatures hitting the mid 20’s Celsius. We all sit outside in the warming sun enjoying the day and HOG company. I saw on the news that evening it was only a couple of degrees warmer in London where it’s mid-summer! And Edinburgh in Scotland was about the same as us.

<< Click on this image of this rides Lead Road Captain , Knock-Knock (Hugh) with his brand new CVO Limited.

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