HOG Ride Combined Chapter Xmas December 30, 2017 + part 6 of Sergio's Sturgis experience.

HOG Ride Combined Chapter Xmas Saturday December 30, 2017.

Today we attend the “Combined Chapters Christmas Party” hosted by the Central Coast HarleyDavidson dealership at 210 Manns Road, West Gosford. HOG Chapters from Sydney to Newcastle were extended an invitation to attend this party in an effort to promote a better acquaintance and camaraderie between the chapters. The meet point for our Chapter ride today to go to the Christmas Party was the McDonalds restaurant at Thornleigh for a 9.30 am departure.

Our complementary story this time is part 6 of my Sturgis experience. Because there is so much to talk about and because I want you to know about Sturgis, I will continue with it but this is the final instalment. . “Sturgis” is the annual South Dakota gathering of motorcycles and motorcycle culture known more accurately as the “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally”, but just one word will do, Sturgis! That’s really all you need to say! This world famous Motorcycle Rally is something just about every HOG member has on their bucket list. The rally for 2017 was from August 4 – 13.

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