H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

78th Annual Daytona Beach Bike Week part 1

Our story this time is about my experience while attending the world famous motorcycle rally in Daytona, Florida USA. I’m sure just about every HOG member would have this on their bucket list.

Ormond Beach is “Birthplace of Speed Park” which commemorates the first automobile race held on the adjacent beach in 1903. While auto races are no longer held here, Ormond Beach’s heritage as the birthplace of speed remains very much alive. Every year, dozens of antique-car owners gather for festivals celebrating Ormond’s glittering past, and reminders of the glory days abound. There is even talk of reintroducing a parade on the beach with time trials and racing on the beach.

This report contains downloaded images as well as images taken by myself

TO see the whole story click on the image below.

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