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Brough Superior Motorcycles – A Brief History

As well as writing ride blogs for our Chapter I occasionally enjoy doing some research on motorcycle related subjects. With this I am also endeavouring to make our Chapter Hoggies the best informed bikers on motorcycle trivia! So read on to improve your biker IQ and enjoy this article about Brough Superior Motorcycles. Brough Superior is a legendary marque in the motorcycle world, its products renowned for the highest level of quality, innovation and design.

This article is based on research through Google and Google Images and includes 71 downloaded images. Opinions expressed in this article are not mine as I have never seen a Brough Superior Motorcycle myself, but are opinions consistently expressed in a number of referenced articles. What I have endeavoured to do here is lay out a concise history on the marque from my research reading on the subject. As a fellow motorcycle enthusiast I am sure you will find this to be an interesting read! This article is for entertainment purposes only and no animals have been harmed in its production!

Click on this image to download story. (PDF-40 pages)

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