H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

Day Ride to Mount Keira

Again our Road Captains have planned a fantastic ride for us today. Firstly, we go to Camden for refreshments, then onto the Mount Keira Lookout near Wollongong for lunch. When on a motorcycle, its more about the journey rather than the destination and our route today will not dissapoint with plenty of twisties on rural roads to enjoy. Even the weather looks good for winter with sunny skies and temperatures maxing out at 18 0 Celsius. I find that the bike loves these cooler conditions and you won’t feel a bit cold if you are dressed right.

This newsletter contains 44 images taken on the day of the ride as well as downloaded memes. Hundreds of these memes are available from Pintarest and are so hilarious I just had to share some with you. And don’t worry, I edited out the naughty ones so that nobody will be offended!

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