H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

A Guide To Riding In The Wet

In some areas of Australia there’s been a lot of rainfall lately, including some pretty impressive thunder storms and lightning displays. Most motorcycle riders cringe when the rain comes. It means either unsafe riding, public transport, sitting in traffic in your car, or just missing out on the day’s plans altogether.

But riding in the wet doesn’t have to be that bad. We thought we’d take this opportunity to cover some basic wet weather riding tips for those determined to stay on two wheels.

Topics discussed:

  • Have the right wet weather motorcycle gear

  • Visibility in the wet

  • The first 15 minutes

  • Traction on wet roads

  • Follow the tyre tracks

  • Avoid the shinys

  • Rule of one action

  • Motorbike braking in the wet

  • Avoid lightning

Ralph Garcie

Safety Officer NSW HOG


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