H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

Annual Combined Chapter Christmas Party

This year the New South Wales South Coast Chapter is hosting the annual Combined HOG Chapters

Christmas Party. All HOG Chapters in New South Wales are welcome to attend. The venue for this is

at their sponsoring dealers’ premises, Fraser Motorcycles at Fairy Meadow, located at 11-13 Prince’s

Highway, Fairy Meadow, some 90 km south of Sydney. This is also the last scheduled ride for our

HOG Chapter in 2020.

Chapters on the invite list included Canberra, Southwest Sydney, Sydney, Blacktown, Broadmeadow,

Campbelltown, Northern Beaches, and of course us, the New South Wales Chapter. Unfortunately

the Northern Beaches Chapter had to withdraw under Government Health advice due to a recent

Covid cluster in their area forcing them into lockdown.

You may recall last year’s Christmas Party (on Saturday 21st December) was held in oppressive heat

wave conditions with temperatures reaching 450C in parts of New South Wales whilst almost 200

separate bushfires raged through parts of several states giving the worst bushfire season in

Australia’s history. These extreme conditions were unprecedented.

Thankfully all that is past us now and this time we are enjoying much more pleasant conditions with

predicted temperatures for today reaching a very tolerable 250C. And dam levels are back up with

over 90% capacity due to recent consistent rainfalls. Rainfall recorded in 2020 has been the highest

since 1998.

VERSION 2 - HOG - Annual Combined Chapte
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