H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

HOG – Annual Chapter Memorial Ride 2020

This is the Chapters 3rd memorial ride which honours the memory of fallen Chapter members in

recent years. We value the memory of all our HOG-family members who had been involved with our

Chapter that are no longer with us and pay a special tribute to them on this day. We also take this

opportunity to individually remember all those that have touched our lives that are no longer with

us and partake in an activity that is very special to us to honour their memory.

Fittingly, the ride today is a rider’s ride, a great tourist route, what we call the 5-ferries ride, but this year

we only did 3 ferries so it could be called 3-Ferries Ride. The Hawkesbury has much to offer: quiet country roads, meandering routes along the river, historic villages, and of course somewhere to stop and have a great coffee or meal along the way. And we get to cross the river 3 times aboard a car ferry which is a bit of fun.

This newsletter contains 60 images taken during the ride as well as downloaded memes of

remembrance sourced from Pinterest.

HOG - Annual Chapter Memorial Ride - Sun
Download • 6.88MB

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