H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

HOG Day Ride –Tarana Hotel

Our destination for today was meant to be The Cessnock Hotel located in the Hunter Region north of

Sydney. Cessnock is the gateway to the Hunter Valley wine region and has over 150 vineyards.

Unfortunately, Cessnock was declared a disaster zone in the recent March floods and rain there is

persisting which has caused a last-minute change of destination. Our Road Captains were up early

this morning conferring with each other and checking the weather charts and found that heading

west today might be a better alternative with no rain predicted there for today. The alternative

destination chosen was the Tarana Hotel and notification of this change was posted on social media

by 6.40 am. To simplify things, the meet point and departure times remained the same.

HOG Day Ride - Saturday April 17, 2021
• 3.30MB

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