H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

New Members Ride - Saturday March 6, 2021 Destination – The Springs Golf Club, Peats Ridge

Time again for the HOGS monthly New Members Ride! The New Members Ride is a monthly ride where new members are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the Chapter whilst participating in an easy ride. This ride is also usually well patronised by older members because it is a fun way to catch up with ride buddies and squeeze in a quick Saturday ride. Sometimes we don’t even have any

new members but the ride is always still on.

As with all New Member Rides, we meet at the premises of our sponsoring Harley-Davidson dealer, Frasers, at Parramatta Road, Concord. Our destination today is the Sitting Duck Bistro inside The Springs Golf Club situated at 1080 Peats Ridge Road, Peats Ridge, a mere 80 kms ride from our start point.

We will fight our way through the congested streets of Sydney before enjoying a true biker road which is the ‘Old Pacific Highway’ to get to our destination point. This scenic and twisty road is well known and very popular with motorcyclists and cyclists. Weather predictions for the ride are for temperatures to vary from 200 - 220C with passing clouds and a slight breeze. Perfect!

This newsletter contains 58 images taken on the day of the ride as well as many downloaded

images, including images pertaining to the game of golf

HOG - NMR - 06.03
.21 - Venue - The Sprin
21 - VENUE - THE SPRIN • 5.82MB

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