H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

New Members Ride –George IV Inn, Picton

This is our first ride for winter this year and our destination for today is the George IV Inn situated at

180 Argyle Street, Picton, 102 kms from our start point at Fraser’s carpark. In winter, motorcyclists

around the world are grudgingly putting away their bikes and waiting for spring. Not so here in


As usual for the New Members Ride, we meet at Fraser’s carpark for a departure time of 10.00 am

which gives us plenty of time to socialise before the ride.

We always take the longer more scenic route to our destination and today our route from Fraser’s is

basically down the M4 motorway to South Wentworthville, then through Smithville, Liverpool,

Campbelltown, Appin, Douglas Park, Razorback and on to Picton for a distance of 102 kms. It’s a bit

of everything from byways to Highways and Motorways.

It’s now winter in Australia (June, July and August) but that doesn’t mean we lock our bikes in the

garage for the duration of winter as they do in many parts of the world. Far from it! In fact, riding in

winter in Sydney is a great time to ride with typical temperatures reaching a high of 16 0 C. July is the

coldest month where temperatures will peak at around 13 0 C. So, if you are dressed right, you won’t

be a bit cold and the bike just runs so much smoother in the cooler climate. Anyhow, the weather

forecast for today is for sunny skies with temperatures during our ride to vary from 14 0 C at 10.00

am in Sydney to 16 0 C at 1.00 pm at Camden. Nice! That was described by the weather web site I

visit as being ‘refreshingly cool’.

HOG - NMR - Saturday 5 June^J 2021 - Geo
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