H O G   New South Wales Australia  Chapter   #9052

Sydney, NSW Australia

Robertson Bowling Club

Our destination for today is the Robertson Bowling Club situated at 11 Yarranga Street, Robertson,

154 kms from our start point. Along the way we will also have a brief stop / leg stretch at Thirlmere

for light refreshments.

Recent heavy and flooding rains has caused scheduled rides to be cancelled. Weather predictions for

today are for clear blue skies with temperatures ranging from 19 0 to 25 0 C during our ride. That’s

brilliant! This will surely result in a greater than usual turnout for the ride today.

Firstly, we meet at the Red Rooster carpark at Eastern Creek along the M4 (westbound). Departure

time is a leisurely 9.00 am so plenty of time to socialise before the ride.

As usual, we will take the longer more scenic route to our destination. The short distance between

Sydney and Robertson is only 98 km but for our route it will be more like 160 km.

We exit the M4 at Mamre Road and basically go via Wallacia, Camden, Picton, Thirlmere, Bargo,

Glenquarry and then on to our destination at Robertson. It’s clearly a convoluted route formulated

by our Road Captain ride planners with the intent of it being a more interesting route. They usually

hit their mark.

Robertson bowling club
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This newsletter contains 46 images taken on the day of the ride as well as 13 downloaded images.

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